Support the social and economic development of Angola by generating wealth for the Angolan people.


Focus the FSDEA’s investments on the creation of sustainable financial returns that favour the Angolan people, economy and industrial sector. Manage a diversified portfolio of investments and be an active partner in this initiative.




Allocation of funds from oil revenues


Investments to generate long-term returns


Generation of wealth for the people of Angola



José Eduardo dos Santos, then President of Angola, announced the establishment of a special committee to lay the foundation for a new sovereign wealth fund (Fundo Soberano de Riqueza or FSR) to support Angola’s growth, prosperity and socio-economic development.


The Oil Fund (abbreviated as FP [Fundo Petrolífero] or Fund) is created in accordance with the provisions of the General State Budget Law (approved by law no. 26/10 of 28 December) in order to promote, encourage and support investment in the development of energy and water sector projects and those in other strategic sectors in the Republic of Angola and abroad.


The Fund is set up as a public institution in Angola and receives an initial allocation of USD 5 billion. On 30 January 2012, the President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos, appoints the Oil Fund’s first Board of Directors: Armando Manuel is named Chairman of the Board of Directors; José Filomeno dos Santos and Hugo Miguel Évora Gonçalves become Executive Directors. The Fund is established in accordance with the international governance standards and good practices set out in the Santiago Principles.


Help to maintain a stable global financial system and a free flow of capital and investment;


Comply with all regulatory and information requirements in the countries where the Fund invests;


Invest on the basis of economic and financial risks and return-related considerations;


Maintain a sound and transparent governance structure that provides for adequate operational controls, risk management and accountability.

Social Balance

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